Columbia County Democratic Committee


Our Candidates - To be announced

2019 is an important year for elections. Although there are no national and few statewide offices to be decided this will be a year that many local offices will be decided. This page is currently vacant because this is a season when potential candidates are asking friends and neighbors to sign the petition that is the first step in a run for office. Although many of these offices seem undramatic they are nevertheless important. these are the offices that most immediately affect our lives so be sure to keep abreast of the candidates and discuss the importance of voting with like minded neighbors. Oh!, and don't forget to vote!

Once those petitions are submitted to the courthouse for verification you will see their names here.

We will endeavor to also publish, along with their names and the offices for which they aspire, short introductory paragraphs written by the candidates describing themselves and why they feel qualified to ask for your vote.

                                                            Stay tuned.