Bloomsburg University Democrats (BU Dems.)

The purposes of this organization are:

  1. To promote dialogue on political issues and encourage student involvement in the political process through voting and activism
  2. To educate Bloomsburg University students on issues and candidates and the ways in which government affects their lives
  3. To promote the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party

Represent your Community 

Columbia County Indivisible members stand for protection of all people, the environment, and the rights enshrined in our Constitution. We support an informed citizenry and equal opportunity for all to achieve the American dream. We work diligently to elect candidates with progressive values to office. A chapter of Action Together Northeastern PA! Join us. Change what you cannot accept.

We have a standing Action Event the 2nd Wednesday of each month and a standing Topic Forum the 4th Wednesday of each month at CCDC HQ 10 E Main Street Bloomsburg, 6pm

Local  Democratic Groups and Opportunities

Finance and Fundraising Committee- Chris De Frain--------------

Democratic National Committee (DNC)


For nearly 170 years, the Democratic National Committee has been responsible for governing the Democratic Party, making it the oldest continuing party committee in the United States of America. Today, the DNC plans the Party’s presidential nominating convention and promotes the Democratic Platform which is the statement of core principles at the heart of our Party. The DNC also raises money, hires staff, and coordinates support candidates throughout the country for local, state, and national offices. Additionally, the DNC works with various constituencies to respond to the needs and views of the country.

The DNC is composed of the chairs and vice-chairs of each state Democratic Party Committee and over 200 members elected by Democrats in all 50 states and territories of the United States of America.                                                         

What does it mean to volunteer to be part of the Columbia County Democratic committee? It could be as large or as small a commitment of your time and expertise as you are willing to share with your neighbors.

Your township or voting precinct is the smallest unit of government. Some of your friends and neighbors are elected by you to represent your interests to the Party. If you are interested in working as a committee person you can also contact the Chair of the County Democratic committee and ask to be appointed. You will need to be a registered Democrat and be willing to work in your community. It’s that easy.

Pennsylvania Young Democrats



The Pennsylvania Young Democrats is the official youth wing of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. The group does much of the same work as The Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee. Membership is open to registered Pennsylvania Democrats from age 18 to 40. 

Columbia County Indivisible (CCI) 

If you’re still confused about what it means to volunteer let me give you some examples. We are broken down into sub-committees, each of which has its own areas to cover. For example, The Bloomsburg Fair committee helps the sub-committee chair with planning and staffing the CCDC presence at the Bloomsburg Fair. You may find yourself talking to someone from your neighborhood or someone from another state. Collecting money for tee-shirts, pins and bumper stickers helps keep the CCDC able to support its programs.

The Activities Committee is another interesting job. Throughout the year the CCDC attends many local events and, once again we need you to staff the booth, possibly to hand out our candidate’s campaign literature but also to discuss why you are a Democrat and why you think our Government needs a strong and vibrant Democratic Party.

The Public Relations committee helps to share our message and get it out to the general public. The PR committee oversees this web-site and other electronic and written  media. It works with candidates and the rest of the CCDC to keep our Democratic message getting out where it can do the most good.

The Campaign and Finance committees are also vital to the progress of a Democratic agenda and these groups may be something that would suit you.

If being a Committee-person or a sub-Committee seems like it would take more time than you have to give you can give us a call and we can discuss things you can even do from your home such as letter writing and postcard campaigns.

Few of us really get to experience the joy of helping others. It is a great gift you can give yourself.

The name of each CCDC Sub-Committee is listed below along with the chair and contact information. Please feel free to call or e-mail any questions about participating. If you have no particular committee in mind please call or e-mail Vince and discuss your interests.


Bloomsburg University Indivisible (BUI)


Bloomsburg University Indivisible promotes student activism and political engagement to promote progressive causes and resist the Trump agenda on the Bloomsburg University campus. 

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Public Relations Committee- Belinda Madden------------------------

Campaign Committee- Jill Carlson-------------------------------------------

The Columbia County Democratic Committee is proud to sponsor the B.U. Envoy program for students of Bloomsburg University.This program offers an oportunity for qualified students to attend a meeting of the Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee with free lodging and transportation included. If you are interested discovering more about this unique opportunity and whether you qualify click the links.


Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee (PADSC)

The Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee (PADSC) is the governing body of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Founded in 1792, the Committee is responsible for directing and promoting the guiding principles and core values of the Democratic Party.

The PADSC, whose members are elected to four-year terms meets three times each year. They elect a Chair, members of the Executive Board, hold nominating conventions for statewide candidates, pass and promote a platform, pass resolutions, and perform other party business. Under Chairman Jack Hanna, the professional staff raises money and coordinates strategies to elect Democrats up and down the ballot across the commonwealth.

Right-wing conservatives have increasingly focused their reactionary agenda on state politics, the PADSC ensures that we are always ready for Republican attacks. The PADSC is an essential component of our statewide messaging and campaign infrastructure. We firmly believe that our campaign work makes a difference in promoting Democratic candidates and causes in the face of right-wing extremism, and the PADSC is a big part of making that happen.

B.U. Envoy Program

Recruitment Committee -Dwayne Heisler----------------------------        

Bloomsburg Fair Committee- Vince DeMelfi----------------------------

Activities Committee- Jessica Brittain-------------------------------------

Joining Us

Columbia County Democratic Committee